Monday, September 27, 2010

JMC VLog Episode 12 "Perserverance"

Celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary and persevering in the face of adversity and persecution.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Official Statement From JMC Ministries About Teen Mania/Recovering Alumni

Recently, JMC Ministries received an invite to add a twitter account by the name of Recovering Alumni. So like Christ, we reached out to this account via DM.

This led to multiple posts made verbatim of the same message on their Twitter.

JMC Ministries supports Teen Mania & the Recovering Alumni "official" page.

But we don't endorse these tactics of discord, hate and destruction of Teen Mania.

We pray for those involved in Teen Mania past, present, and hopefully the future.

May the Lord keep them safe and help everyone heal from past hurts.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Invisible People

Written By: Miranda Caverley
Did you know that there are invisible people in this world?
If not there are, and they attend your church.  These people come every Sunday and attend, but they are not noticed.  You walk right past them and never notice that they are there.  They feel like that have done something wrong to be treated this way by the church.  So they try to examine themselves and change to see if that is why no one wants to talk to them or even "hang" with them.  So these people try to reach out and talk with those in the church, call, write them on online and even ask them to come over and have a get together.  But that doesn't work either.  The phone calls go unanswered and not returned, the online messages are never responded to and the get together's never happen.  But still they keep going to church because they hope and pray that maybe just maybe someone will come along that will see them and want to be their friend.  The invisible people still attend the church hoping and praying for that fellowship that God says that we need, to stay strong in our faith. But after months and months of being the invisible people their faith starts to waver and fail.  If you could see them you would see they were tattered and torn, tears streaming down their faces still askiing "what is it I've done, why does no one want to be my friend and even talk to me?"

At this point in the invisible peoples lives depression sets starts to set in. Their faith is just barely hanging on that the church even cares about them.  Their not asking for much, they don't want money, pity or anything like that. What the invisible people want is just to have someone say "hi how are you today"  They want someone to just pray with them.  They cry out for Christian Fellowship with the church.  They Cry Out For The Love Of Christ from the church!

Who are these invisible people you may be asking? They are adults, teenagers, elderly, and children. No age is discriminated against to be an invisible person in the church. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, uncles, cousins.  From all walks of lives and all different situations.  They are poor, rich and the outcast, geeks, freaks, popular. 

My question to you is....DO YOU SEE THEM NOW?  Will you taken the blinders off and see the invisible people?  If you have instead of seeing a room half full you will see a room over flowing of people in the church people searching for truth, looking for a friend, craving the fellowship of the church and the love of Christ that is suppose to be flowing freely inside of us. 

Maybe you are one of the invisible people.  And I want you to know that I SEE YOU and I want to be you friend.  You don't have to alone any longer and feel invisible.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

JMC LIVE 9-17-10

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Covering Hot Topics Such as Ohio Judge Tries to Stop Tea Party members celebrating the signing of the constitution. How a Massachusetts School Took School Children to a Islamic Mosque on a field trip and were proselytized and even the boys of the group were taken to pray to Allah. A Christian Flag that flew over a Veteran Memorial has been removed after complaints and a Threat From the ACLU. And a pastor in Pakistan who was Beaten and nearly killed because he said he would not stop sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

Links to our 2 main Stories We covered
Ohio Judge Tries To Stop Tea Party
Massachusetts school takes children to Islamic Mosque

Saturday, September 11, 2010

JMC LIVE Interview With Basketball Trick Artist Sam Sisley

JMC LIVE Interview With Sam Sisley A Student At Ohio Christian University About His Personal Testimony. How he became a Basketball Trick Artist and How he uses his remarkable skills to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to Contact Sam you can email him at
or you can search Sam Sisley to Find Him of Facebook

Music Clips "Go Hard" and "Don't Waste Your Life" By Lacrea

JMC Bytes: Your Future In College?

Jeremy shares about his journey to college and gives a tour of Ohio Christian University. Do you believe you should go to college?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Funny Moments With The Caverley's "Miranda's Bike Wreck"

Since we haven't had any funny moments happen recently and we've been having people ask me to make another funny moment video. I pulled out a funny moment from my childhood. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

JMC Live Interview with Ex-Pagan James S. Hodges

Pastor James S. Hodges shares his testimony about his former occult, pagan, witchcraft lifestyle. From wicca,tarot cards, quoija boards, crystals, stones, all seeing eye, and more. To his conversion to Christianity, becoming a pastor, & ministering to people who are demonically influenced.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

JMC LIVE Interview With Ex_Wiccan Christopher Helton

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JMC LIVE Interviews Christopher Helton Lead Singer of the Christian Rock Band "I've Died Daily"
Chris Shares His Testimony of How he followed the Wiccan Lifestyle and how after a near suicide attempt found the love of Christ and became a Christian
To Learn More about Chris and the Band I've Died Daily Visit


Written By: Miranda Caverley
Do you ever question yourself? I know I do. I question and ask myself (God too) "am I really making a difference in the people who are in my life?"

You have no idea how many times I ask myself that question. Sometimes I feel that I am a "doubting Thomas" questioning everything. Some say that is a sign of intelligence to question everything. I don't know about that. My guess is there has just been so much happen in my life, that has made me feel that I am inadequate at times to do this whole JMC Ministries. I pray and ask God, "I don't want Jeremy and I to continue doing this ministry if you don't want us to." I even tell God that "I only want to go as far in this ministry as you want us too."

I don't ever want to lose the humility that I so desperately hold on to. For I know that without humility God cannot use me. A prideful heart will not accomplish anything for others, it will only be looking to accomplish things for itself. And that is NOT what I want.

So many doors seem to be opening up for Jeremy and I to step through and move forward as he always says for more ministry opportunities. But I only want to be able to do them if they are truly from God.

Many search for fame and fortune in this life. My goal is to do my best to share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ to as many people as I can. With the world in chaos and confusion and so many people hurting I want to be able to show compassion and love to a hurting world. I don't want millions of dollars, expensive cars, or diamonds and jewels. I just want to be able to say at the end of my life that I made a difference and helped those in need so that maybe the world was a better place for those I was able to help.