Monday, November 29, 2010

What You Must Think

Written By Miranda Caverley

What you must think when you look at us.

Hurrying along as if we can’t get enough done in one day.  While the roses are left un smelled children play alone because no one has the time to play with them or show them love.
People are left un-helped because no one has the time to help them in this fast passed world that we have created.

It is not the world you intended it to be nor are we the type of people you intended us to be.
Your Eden has long ago gone died, and soon shall this world.  Because we are too busy to take notice that we are killing your greatest creation…. ourselves.  You loved us so much you created us in your image.  You also love us more than we can imagine because you gave your life to save us.  And what have we done to show our gratitude?  Cursed your name.  Taken you out of our schools, work places and even our hearts.  Even say that you don’t exist. 

What you must think looking down on us hurrying along with the our lives that seem to be too filled with other things to allow you into them
When everyday you choose to give us this life in hope that we may listen to your voice and do your will with our lives.

And still through all of this your love goes on and on and on. A never ending river that flows. 

Oh what you must think.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving is usually to most people about the food & 
"Black Friday." While this has become part of the tradition. 
Something is missing. And that is how to be grateful and 
appreciate the small things in life. 
I spent most of the Thanksgiving day crying. Remembering my 
family that has past away. Watching my US Coast Guard
graduation video again for the first time since 2004. Only 
TWO other people have ever seen this video until now.
I watched the veterans special on CNN & then watched
Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. It reminded me of my mother. 
We would sing along and cry thinking about how precious life is 
and that living and being with others is what makes people truly
thankful. To have a chance to make a difference in someone's life. 
This is what "giving-in-thanks" should be about. But frankly too 
many people have forgotten tradition, family, honor, respect, and 
various other core values that make us what we call the human race. 

You see, humanity isn't always about wars and pestilence. In these
times of a bad economy something usually happens within the 
Christian faith community. They stand up and make a difference.
Seeing the why and hows to be thankful and assisting others in need.

This isn't a once a year event. It should happen everyday. Thanksgiving 
is a gift to all of us to not only give to ourselves with food & gifts, 
but to give to others. To show that we care. Love is the answer to 
anything. Forgiveness & peace can be achieved. 

Christians, I am speaking to you! It is time to wake up and move.
No more just sitting around a table and eating. Take time to actually 
say why you are thankful. Then take another giant step and say to 
someone else why they make a difference in not only your life but 
others as well.

Everyone matters and it all counts. As a blessing you can gift to 
yourself, others and honoring Jesus Christ.

So I will leave you with the lyrics to a song in Emmet Otter's 
Jug Band Christmas.

We're closer now than ever before
(How much alike we are; perhaps we're long lost brothers)
There's love in our world and we're showing it more
(We even think the same; you know there may be others)

Our world says, "Welcome, stranger"
Everybody's a friend
(We can always use a friend)
Favorite stories don't end
(Welcome, brother)
In our world

Some say our world is getting too small
(So many things to learn, but we'll enjoy each lesson)
I say, with kindness, there's room for us all
(Problems don't worry us when half the fun is guessing)

Our world is always changing
Everyday's a surprise
(Live a lifetime of surprise)
Love can open your eyes
(Brother, look around)
In our world

When night lays sad upon you
Go watch a simple sunrise
(See wonder in your eyes)
Love can open your eyes
(Welcome, brother)
To our world

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JMC LIVE 11-5-10 Epic GOP Win and EcoSexology at Ohio University

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Jeremy talks about the massive win for the Republican party and what that means for America. Then he shares about the current event being held at Ohio University called Sexecology with Annie Sprinkle. A "green jobs" with porn & witchcraft workshop/conference. Plus they are "marrying the Earth" as well

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

JMC LIVE Interview With Former Wiccan Ally Tower

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JMC LIVE Halloween Special with former Wicca Ally Tower. Ally shares her personal testimony how she fell away from God and became a practicing witch for 12 years. Then found her way back to God and now shares her testimony to warn others of the dangers of Witchcraft and the Occult.