Thursday, December 22, 2011

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO: Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself

"The lost art of setting a table or simply saying grace...not necessarily to any deity if one doesn't chose but to simply give thanks.
The lost art of taking baked goods to a new neighbor, welcoming people into a neighborhood. The simple rituals and mannerisms of being polite. Whatever happened to those??"
I'm talking about what my grandmother talked about when she would mention growing up and what her parents, and there parents and so on and so forth. See we in America aren't about community anymore. You don't hear it in the new songs we sing, the movies we watch, and the books we read. A good example of this is George Bailey...It's A Wonderful Life....what happened to America? Where are our priorities gone with it comes to showing love with our neighbor, to want to build friendships with those that literally live right next door, at our jobs, and in our schools and colleges?
What about wanting to take time to bring someone new into our lives, and not just meet a quick need and go out the door, but actually allow these "people" to become dare I say....our I'm wondering what does friendship mean in America today?

See this love thing and helping others should be so radical that it happens all year long...and to the point it become contagious.
Matthew 25:35

New International Version (NIV)

35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,
John 15:13

New International Version (NIV)

13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Mark 12:30-31

New International Version (NIV)

30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[a] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these.”
  1. Mark 12:30 Deut. 6:4,5
  2. Mark 12:31 Lev. 19:18

Monday, December 19, 2011

JMC Live Faith in America: The Nativity Rally in Athens,TX

I Can't Do This Anymore

  This is just a few of my thoughts in my mind these last few I will start in the middle of them for now...

I wish some of these "church" people had the gift of "encouragement" as we really need someone to go beyond a prayer and act as God has called us all to do....see my grandmother who is now deceased, taught me not to just pray, but listen to the Lord to see if who I am praying for, that God Himself is usually calling me to help directly with my physical and verbal actions towards them. Just like Miranda's dad says "every time you point your finger at somebody you have 3 more pointing back at you." So I learned that God was really calling me to take action beyond just some words to Him......and I know many have NO IDEA what to do or this isn't a NORMAL action to reach out to people you don't know. Or reach out to someone who is sick....see I didn't always act....I thought that was just the pastors took me years of growing up to realize that we are all called to be the hands and feet God has called us to be. This isn't meant to harm or criticize, but to give a look inside of my own brain in how I personally choose to act. As I know no one but me has these experiences, every one has their own path to follow.

So many times as a child, I FAILED to speak up to those in school, church, at my job etc. I learned the hard way that I wasn't showing my "Christian" love. See my own mom used to go to church before she died...she loved that song "They will know we are Christians by our Love"

I've never had it easy I know, and as I said before I do think differently.....

But, I feel again to apologize to those who I have hurt in my past, but keeping silent, not praying, not's my fault for not listening to God and moving forward.....getting out of our comfort zone is never easy....and these posts are putting me on the spot I I ask you too for my forgiveness if I ever hurt you guys as well. God Bless Jeremy

You see someone stepped up into my life when I was outcast, poor, didn't have many clothes, lacked food, was very ill as a child, and even wasn't a denomination, it wasn't a "church" it was individuals who came into my life and gave me purpose and showed me verses like Jeremiah 29:11.....a plan and a hope...and a future..well right now our very own Miranda wishes she was better off dead....because of the pain...the sickness...the loss she has suffered...being stuck at home....unable to play her drums.....go to "church" much less even drive her is found in these things that God is calling us all to be the hands and feet He has called us to be....because if not..what is gonna happen to my wife if we all don't step up and give ourselves...not to me...not even to her....but give ourselves to Jesus Christ a living sacrifice..willing to go to places we can't go on our own....and that place right now is right here in our home....reaching out to my wife and others in this community....see this town has been dark for way too long...and I am sick and tired of the seeing and hearing about people getting hurt....misplaced, outcast by Christians in our very own community.....the body of Christ needs to ask forgiveness to these homeless I've met...that many have just ignored....the sex trafficked woman that was raped by many in our city the poor man living on the river bank to the families who can't feed their kids....this town needs Jesus Christ again...for us to be the salt of the go beyond our comfort zone.and give our lives back to Christ....and then serve Him the rest of our the cities, the allies, the shelters, the outcast poor, sick stricken, smelly people who live on the EVERYONE needs a chance to see the Love of Christ.

You know....we the body of Christ are the ONLY Bible someone reads.......

I am sitting here on the couch...crying out to the Lord for our town....our churches....our people....who are in need.....right now there are people SLEEPING on the STREETS....babies going hungry...young and old who are sick and need an encouraging what are we doing about it? Where is the workers of the harvest?

Is your heart right with the Lord if "the least of these" in Chillicothe, OH DIED tonight?!

 Psalm 34:18
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

Psalm 55:22
Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you;he will never let the righteous fall.

 Do you realize that in a moment where you say, "I can't do this anymore...I don't know what to do or to say" it is in this moment that God can remove your pride, yourself...this old flesh out of the way for just a moment, and God can do AMAZING things through you. This is the act of worship Christ calls for us all. To be a living act of worship to Him in everything we do.....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

JMC Live 12/3/11 The Great Commission

 Jeremy continues with his quest to see more people reach out to those in need.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation
Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the
providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for
His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and
Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee,
requested me to "recommend to the people of the United States a day of public
thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity
peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:"

Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed; for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful
knowledge; and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been
pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other
transgressions; to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our
several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a
blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and
constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shown kindness to us), and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand, at the city of New York,
the 3d day of October, A.D. 1789.
President George Washington

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

JMC LIVE 11-12-11 Freedom Week

 Tonights JMC LIVE Show we talked about Veterans Day on 11/11/11 and the anniversary of the Berlin Wall Nov 9th 1989.

What freedom means to us and how as Christians and a nation we should show more support for our Troops.

And for the first time in nearly 2 months Miranda was able to join in on the show and give some great insight to our topics.

Pictures About Anniversary Of Berlin Wall Sent to us by the Young Americans Foundation

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

JMC LIVE Interview With Daughter's Of Ruth

JMC LIVE Interview At Daughter's Of Ruth Women's Shelter In Chillicothe Ohio.

JMC Ministries Interviews
Nicole Well's Director and Founder of the Daughter's Of Ruth

We also interviewed Beverly and Charleace 2 ladies that are staying at Daughter's Of Ruth and had them share their stories and how Daughter's of Ruth has changed their lives for the better

Interview with Kelly Jo one of the many volunteers at Daughter's of Ruth. Kelly shares what led her to want to be a part of what Daughter's of Ruth is doing to help women in the Ross County Ohio area.

To learn more about Daughter's Of Ruth visit their website at

Saturday, November 5, 2011

On tonight's JMC Live, Jeremy talks about the upcoming homeless awareness event called "One Night Without A Home." Chillicothe, Ohio at Yoctangee Park on Nov 19th from 3PM to Nove 20th at 9AM. Plus some breaking news via Eternal Flame News. EFN: Oregon Mother Desperate To Feed Her Children Turned Away From Grocery Stores For Trying To Pay With Change

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

JMC Vlog Episode 26 "Miranda Diagnosed With Crohn's Disease"

Miranda shares about being diagnosed with Crohn's disease an incurable intestinal disease, and how it has affected her and Jeremy's life and also their ministry, over the past few months.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

JMC Live 8/13/11 Conform No More

Jeremy shares from the Word of God and this weeks Eternal Flame News to talk about how Christians are becoming more like the world and less Christ-like.

Friday, July 22, 2011

JMC LIVE 7-16-11 South Sudan Officially It's Own Country

In Part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE Show we discussed
They Say Everything Is Bigger In Texas: Woman Gives Birth To 16 lb Baby

California First State To Require School Books Include "Gay History"

Atheist Group Files Lawsuit Against Texas Governor Due To Upcoming Prayer Rally

Woman Faces 93 Days In Jail For Planting A Garden On Her Property

In Part 2 Of Tonights Show we Discussed
South Sudan Officially It's Own Country After Years of Civil War With North

Thousands Of Vietnam Christians Murdered Or Imprisoned Over Rapture Prediction On May 21st

Monday, July 4, 2011

JMC Live 4th of July Special

JMC LIVE 4th of July 2011 Weekend Special We discussed

How The Pink Cross Foundation Is Working To Try and Stop NBC From airing their New TV Show "The Playboy Club"

2 Houston Texas Schools Criticized For Having Prayer During Graduation

Muslims and Christians Clash Over Construction Of Christian Church In Egypt

New Al-Qaeda Video Encourages Muslims To Attack U.S Churches

Atheists to Fly July 4 Airplane Banners in 27 States: 'God-LESS America,' 'Atheism is Patriotic'

Atheist Billboard Placed On Church's Property Removed

United Church Of Christ To Vote To Eliminate God The Father From Their Constitution

And The History Of The 4th Of July and The Day in 1776 When America's Founding Fathers Committed That Historic Act Of Treason Against The British Government and Claimed Our Independence By writing the Declaration Of Independence

Sunday, June 26, 2011

JMC Live 6-25-11 Burger Shop Hires Only Homeless, and multifaith event Koran read in churches

In Tonights JMC LIVE Show we discussed
Burger Shop Hires Only Homeless

A Bible And A Gas Mask Is The New Norm In South Korea

NBC Removes "Under God" From Pledge Of Allegiance From U.S Open Golf Tournament

Harold camping's Radio Show Cancelled

High School Valedictorian and 10 other Students Told They didn't Graduate

Joy Junction Receives Android Phone APP

In Part 2 Of Tonights JMC LIVE Show We discussed Christian Churches in the U.S allowing Q'uran to be read in the pulpit

Below are links to the official website "Faith Shared" Site as well as 2 other sites that talk about the 50 churches/denominations that wil be participating in this "multifaithed" service tomorrow June 26th 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

JMC Vlog Episode 25 "Storm Chasing and Radioactive Eggs"

Miranda shares about driving through tornado force winds, rain and hail. Having a "Gastro Emptying" Test run at the hospital and eating Radioactive Eggs

And how JMC Ministries through the help of friends on social networking sites helped a young mother and her children pay an electric bill so they could move into their new home

Monday, June 20, 2011

JMC LIVE 6-18-11 College Makes Student Pay To Witness/Sweden Church Members Don't Believe In Jesus

In part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE we discussed

Russia and China's New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance

Christian Student Charged Fee to Witness at Community College

China:Spying Devices Installed In Hong Kong Cars

Harold Camping Hospitalized After Having Stroke Loses Ability To Speak

Duggar Family Partners With Wycliffe Bible Translators To Help More Children Learn The Bible

In part 2 of Tonights JMC LIVE We discussed

Swedish Church Members Say They Don't Believe In Jesus

Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam

As well as our latest Fundraiser to help a local Ohio Mother of 3
To read more about the fundraiser and get the latest updates visit

Friday, June 17, 2011

UPDATED JMC Fundraiser To Help Ohio Family Of 4 With Electric Bill

On June 16th, we began a online fundraiser for a local Ohio family of 4.  A young mother is in need of help to pay a over due electric bill of $449.22.  She needs to have this bill paid in 10 days so that she can get moved into her new apartment.  The reason she can't move in is because the Electric company won't allow her to move her and her children in to the new residence until this past bill is paid. The new apartment that is available for them is government housing and she has been on a waiting list for over a year to get this opportunity to have her own place and a home for her children.  But if the past electric bill is not paid in 10 days she will lose her apartment and be placed back at the bottom of the waiting list and could wait another year before having a chance to get another apartment.

Below are pictures of the AEP Bill 

Within just a few hours of starting the online Fundraiser yesterday evening we raised $280.00
JMC Ministries is donating $100.00 plus covering the paypal fees from every donation given so the family will receive the full amounts.  Along with this we received $60.00 in cash from an anonymous donor along with donations of $20.00 and $100.00 through donors on Paypal. And a local church has offered to pay the last $50.00 due when we have raised the rest of the money.

Then just a short while ago we received notice that we got another donation.  We received a donation of $19.22 on paypal which now leaves us to raise exactly $100.00 to meet our goal to help this young mother and her children.

Below is a picture of our most recent donations

As we continue to get more donations we will update this blog and also post updated pictures at our JMC Ministries Facebook Fan Page at

Monday June 18,2011 3:05p.m. est: Received three more $20.00 donations. OUR GOAL is COMPLETE!
Saturday June 18, 2011 10:00p.m. est: Received two $20.00 donations We only need $60.00 in donations to meet our goal

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And They Call Us Dumb Animals(Noah's Ark Skit)

Jeremy and Miranda Caverley of
Diversity Puppets/JMC Ministries Presents
Bonko and Cocoa
And They Call Us Dumb Animals(Noah's Ark Skit)

Welcome To The Road Kill Cafe

Welcome to "The Road Kill Cafe" Where our motto is "Anything Dead On Bread"
Skit performed By Jeremy Caverley Co founder of Diversity Puppets/JMC Ministries
Skit Written By: Becky Fannin

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JMC Live 6/12/11 Teen Walks For First Time, Arresting People For Feeding The Homeless

In the First Part Of Tonights JMC LIVE We Discussed

Teen Walks for first time at HS Graduation

California HS Shuts Down Memorial Brick Fundraiser After 2 Christians Wanted Bible Verses On Their Bricks

The Power Of The Forgiveness And Love Of Christ:Woman Lives Next Door To Her Sons Murderer

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Policy On Street Evangelism Is Unconstitutional

In Part 2 of Tonight's JMC LIVE Show We Covered Our Main Topics

Florida Police Arrest Group For Feeding Homeless

Jesus didn't need a 501 c3 Non Profit Status to do ministry So why do we in America need it?

Monday, June 13, 2011

JMC LIVE Interview With Ex-Adult Industry Worker Jan Meza

JMC LIVE Interviews Ex-Adult Industry Worker Jan Meza (warning some parts of her testimony are graphic)

An ex adult film star, but so much more! A servant, a mother of three, a wife, a friend, a sister, a counselor, a missionary, a chaplain, a student... but of all these things, the most important thing Jan Meza could ever claim to be is God's beloved!

To Contact Jan

Pink Cross:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

JMCLive 6/4/11 Transgender taught in K-schools, Witnessing with Social Media, and Banning the Bible

Public School Teaches Kindergarteners There Are Multiple Genders Without Parental Consent
Radical Clerics In Pakistan Wants Court To Ban The Bible
Billboards In Australia Declare Jesus A Prophet Of Islam

Wyoming Preachers Arrested For Saying Abortion Is Murder

California Bill If Passed Into Law Would Protect Cross-Dressing In The Workplace

Federal Court Lifts Ban on Public Prayer at Texas High School Graduation After Uproar

Main Topics
Are Americans Getting Comfortable With Immorality?

How to Witness Through Social Media

JMC VLog Episode 24-Lights out

The power goes out for the first time in our apt!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JMC Live Memorial Day Special

On part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE show we celebrated Miranda's birthday today and she shared a funny story of something that happened when she was about to be born.

As well as Breaking news of the day and......

Students Who "Support" Free Speech Want to Ban Conservatives From Radio & TV

Graduating Seniors Say Prayer Despite Atheist Complaints

While Christians In Eastern Countries Are Attacked and Killed Western Countries Do Nothing To Try And Stop Them

Algerian Churches Face Closure After Government Says They Are Operating "illegally"

In part 2 of tonights Memorial Day Special We discussed....

Judge Rules Pastor Can Say "Jesus Christ" In Memorial Day Prayer

Those Left Homeless By Joplin MO. Twister Celebrate Remaining Blessings

Monday, May 23, 2011

JMC LIVE 5-21-11 End Of The World Special

We had a show tonight which means the world has not come to an End! So we discussed in part one of tonights JMC LIVE show
Breaking News of the Day as well as News Of The Week.......

16 dead, dozens injured as violence erupts along Israel's borders with Syria

Secret Service Interegate 13 Yr. Old Over Facebook Post

PROTESTORS at "Prayer for Israel" event at Cornerstone church

Youth Event Volunteer Says Church Has Failed Todays Youth Bribing Them With Pizza And Video Game Gospel

Councilman To Introduce Bill That Would Make Watching Porn In NY Libraries A Misdemeanor

Sketchers Shape Up Shoes For 7 yr olds Has Many Parents Outraged

In Part 2 of Tonights Show we discussed How the World did NOT come to an end and the rapture did NOT happen as Radio Preacher Mr. Camping predicted and just what Biblical Scripture says about when the Rapture will Happen and when the world will come to an end.

As well as what the bible says about guarding ourselves against false teachers and false prophets.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

JMC Live FRI 13th Special

In Part 1 of our Friday The 13th Special We discussed....

Breaking News of the Day as well as, News of the week including

Supporting Israel Dangerous in California

Navy Does An About Face On Gay Marriage In Military

Egyptians, Jordinians March In Support Of Palestine Becoming Own Country

Hamas Happy With Obama's Pledge Of 90 Million Dollars

In part 2 of our Friday The 13th Special we continued discussing News of the week covering

Reverend Billy Graham Hospitalized For Pneumonia

Sexual Predators Using Facebook To Share Distubing Images

Miranda's Mom's Womens Shelter Interviewed About rise In women Seeking Help From Abusive Relationships After Local Womon Is Murdered by Abusive Husband

And Our Main Topics For This Weeks Show were

Atheist Entrepreneur Offers Pet Care To Owners Who Have Been Raptured

Obama Advisor Compares Christians To Al-Qaida

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny Moments With The Caverley's "In A Pickle....Jar"

After 2 months of trying to open a pickle jar with no success, Jeremy and I ask my mother to see if she can open it? In less than 5 minutes, and taking a butter knife to the lid and popping the seal Jeremy was finally able to enjoy his pickles!

We were laughing so hard because, it made us think of the Cosby Show episode where Elvin Tells Clair that opening a jar of pickles is "a man's job" So Elvin tries to open the jar of pickles.  He tries and tries and tries, and even gets down on his knees on the floor, but it's no use.  Then Saundra comes in the kitchen and tells Elvin to let her try to open the jar of pickles.  Saundra takes the pickles hits the bottom of jar, sets the jar on the counter and opens the jar of pickles without much effort!  Clair then tells Saundra "thanks Saundra, you're a real Man!"

The question is "how many Caverley's does it take to open a jar of pickles?" Answer, "none, it takes the mother in-law to get the job done" LOL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JMC Live Podcast

FREE JMC Live Show

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Free Music for YOU!

Over 40+ songs for your listening pleasure!

Plus as a GIFT to you our songs can be DOWNLOADED for FREE!

God Bless
JMC Ministries

Monday, May 2, 2011

JMC LIVE 4-30-11 Porn In Libraries And Homosexuality A Gift From God Not Sin

In part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE Show we discussed.....

Breaking News of the day as well as

300 DEAD-163 Tornadoes in a 24hr period

11 Christians in Iran are in COURT over their Faith

Anti-Life and Anti-Christian Vandalism hits PA University in midst of Holy Week

Reverend David Wilkerson Author of Book "The Cross And The Switchblade" Dies In Car Crash In Texas

Owners Of Hobby Lobby Stores Buy 30,000 Rare Biblical Texts and Artifacts

School Tries To Block Pastor From Speaking To Students At Career Day

In part 2 of tonights JMC LIVE we discussed....

SAY WHAT?!! Ohio Church Says Homosexuality A Gift From God Not A Sin

Miranda Caverley's Article For Active Christian Media
"New York Libraries Allow Porn To Be Watched In Public

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JMC Bytes--Easter 2011

JMC Bytes Easter 2011 from JMC Ministries on Vimeo.

Jeremy shares about the cross, how we are supposed to carry ours daily and how we are all those in the crowd and those who wounded Jesus as well.

JMC LIVE Easter Special 2011

In part 1 of our JMC LIVE Easter Special 2011 we discussed...Breaking News of the day as well as

Teacher slams Christian student in editorial; presumes he believes in 'ancient aliens, Loch Ness Monster'

Open Doors USA Announces North Korea Freedom Week

Paralyzed Bride Walks Down Isle On Her Wedding Day

Research: Oral Sex Puts Men at Risk for Oral Cancer

Conservative TV network debut in Canada

Anniversary Advisors Say King James Bible Deserves Congressional Recognition On 400th Anniversary

Salt Lake City Utah To Put Up Donation Meters To Help Homeless

Florida City Considering Banning Feeding The Homeless

It's Easy To Mock and Ridicule Jesus Christ and The Christian Faith But Not Others

In part 2 of our JMC LIVE Easter Special 2011 We discussed...

"Jesus" Film Remade In Japanese Anime Style To Reach Younger Generations

Church Bribing Worshipers With 3D TV's and 3D Nintendo DS's If They Come To Church

The Theif On the cross and how at one point in our lives we have been either one or both of the men hanging beside Jesus the day he was crucified. We have mocked him and cried for mercy to be saved.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

JMC Vlog Episode 22 "Miranda Of JMC Has Article Published In Local Paper

Miranda has her article that she wrote about a fallen Soldier published in our local newspaper the Chillicothe Gazette.
She also shares how she is now a news blogger for Active Christian Media.

Link to our blog about Miranda's Article Published

Miranda's 1st News Blog for Active Christian Media
"U.S Christian Should Seek To Imitate Christians In Persecuted Countries"

Miranda's Latest news blog
"Whatever Happened To Following "The Golden Rule"?

Monday, April 18, 2011

JMC LIVE 4-16-11 Lady Gaga Sings About Affair With Judas Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus

Tonight we discussed....

Breaking News of the day as well as Eternal Flame News Of The Week

Lady Gaga Sings About Love Affair With Judas The Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus

New Film Claims The Discovery Of Nails From Jesus's Cross

On 150th Anniversary Of The Civil War Americans Are Still Divided

Easter Eggs Are Now Called "Spring Spheres" In One Seattle School

7th Circuit Court Upholds National Day Of Prayer

In part 2 of tonights JMC LIVE show we discussed

Wells Fargo Bank to Put Microchips In Credit Cards

Miranda Caverley of JMC LIVE Article About Fallen Soldier Published In Chillicothe Gazette

7th Circuit Court Upholds National Day Of Prayer

Philadelphia Condom Campaign Targets Kids as Young as 11

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miranda Caverley Of JMC Ministries Article About Fallen Soldier Featured In Chillicothe Gazette

April 13, 2011
Chillicothe Gazette
Editor, the Gazette:
On Saturday, Staff Sgt. Joshua Gire -- who died on March 23 in Afghanistan -- was brought home one last time.
As the procession came through Chillicothe, my husband Jeremy and I stood along Western Avenue just outside our home and paid our respects. From the moment, I heard and saw the first police car sounding its sirens, tears began to flow down my face, and as the police cars and motorcyclists passed with American flags streaming behind them, you just knew this city permanently was scarred by the effects of the "war on terror" that has been raging for 10 years now.
Near the end of the procession, you could see the hearse carrying the body of Staff Sgt. Gire coming. My husband, as a veteran of the U.S Coast Guard, stood in salute, and I watched as the hearse slowly drove past. You could see the American Flag draped over the casket, then the limousine that carried Staff Sgt. Gire's family toward the funeral home.
How do you find the words to express the sorrow and pain a family must feel in the face of losing a son, father and husband? It can be described only in the tears that are shed for those who pay the ultimate price for freedom's call.
On Friday, his body will be taken to Arlington Cemetery to be buried, where another marker will be placed along with the thousands of others to remind us freedom isn't free.
May we never forget our freedoms are persevered through the sacrifices of others like Josh Gire. For without their bravery, we would not be able to call our country "the home of the free."
Miranda Caverley

Read More From The Chillicothe Gazette 

I was actually very shocked to see my article in print.  I wrote this article to share on our Eternal Flame News Editorial Blog that Jeremy and I run. But after reading it to my Grandparents, my Grandpa told me that he thought that it was good enough to submit to the local Chillicothe Gazette newspaper.  

With a hope and a prayer on my lips I submitted the article on Saturday April 8, 2011.  Then today April 13, 2011 my Grandparents were visiting me and asked if I'd checked to see if they had maybe published my article.  We looked at the Chillicothe Gazette online and there it was!  

"I'm in print!" was what was going through my head and it was a dream come true!  When I was in high school all my English Teachers told me I should go to college to study journalism. Now over 10 years later, I'm beginning to think that maybe, they were right. 

Not only have I now been in print in our local paper, but I have also been invited to write news blogs for Active Christian Media.  Jeremy and I will keep you posted when I start writing for Active Christian Media.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you allow God to lead you and get your own fears and doubts out of the way. The impossible becomes possible!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

JMC LIVE 4-9-11 Professors Offer College Credit To Students If They Join Protests

On Part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE Show we discussed
Breaking News of Day as well as

Ohio University Chillicothe participates in Fight Back Teach-In April 5, 2011 And even offering College Credit to Students If they skip class to join protests

Frances Piven and SEIU’s Steve Lerner, Working Together to Recruit Youth at National Teach in On April 5th 2011

Obama Announces He Will Be Running For Re-Election In 2012

Cows Produce Human Breast Milk After Genetic Modification

Time Magazine Editor Tells MSNBC "Qu'ran Directly The Word Of God, Bible Just A Book Written By Man

Japan: Tsunami Warning Cancelled After 7.0 Earthquake Hits Offshore Thursday

Maryland County Citizens Fighting To Stop Law To Make All Bathrroms/Locker Rooms Coed

Biblical Studies Offered To Junior High Students At U.S School

Soul Surfer Movie Tells True Story Of Young Christian Surfer Who Loses Arm In Shark Attack

Movie "Inside Job" Documentary about Economic Crisis In America Movie Trailer

EFN EXCLUSIVE! Alan Davis of Stop The Madness blog-2012 Budget Debate

In Part 2 Of tonights show we covered

Division In The Church: 42% Believe Bible Requires Tithing While 58% Do Not

"Bible Across America" Worlds First And Only Handwritten NIV Bible Published In 2009

109 Year Old Throws Out First Pitch On Her Birthday

Soldiers Death Leaves Permanent Imprint On Ohio Town

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

Written by Jeremy M. Caverley

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.  ~Author Unknown

So you say that you want to quit? Am I getting that right? Questions come and go about this in our lives all the time. Such as the can I do this or should we move or go. It seems to be a never ending cycle, but there is hope! What is this new path I speak of? It is quite simple, yet always complex to those who decide to walk in it.

Saints are sinners who kept on going.  ~Robert Louis Stevenson

 We as Christian tend to feel at times the pressure of this world. Trying to live within it yet not of it as the Bible says. So how can we make the proper balance?  Just like the two quotes above it is about a mindset that you don't stop and realize that we the body of Christ need each other to move forward. Yes, by grace we are saved, but still we need to depend on each other since we are the parts of something more than ourselves.

 Let us look at some scripture:

Romans 5:2-4 (King James Version)

 2By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.
 3And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
 4And patience, experience; and experience, hope:

James 1:3-5 (New International Version, ©2011)

3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

So I highlighted a few phases in each Bible verses. Words such as faith, perseverance, glory, tribulations, and hope. How can all of these words in two different passages be connected? It is because each is part of a network of things that start in a physical/spiritual realm and end up in your life one way or the other.

Let's start with Romans, now Paul was being accused of just about anything they could throw at him and the same goes for the Book of James. These are the foundations of Christianity as we know it. A group of people who desire Jesus Christ in their lives even when the times not only get hard, but also when their life is at the line for it.

Now I have to pause and say, why can't we mimic this more in today society? As greed, power, lust, and the things of this world continue to get easier access into our homes, work, friends, and family, and everything in between, it is no wonder why this world is so dark. Yet, still Jesus Christ loves us and wants a relationship with us?!

How STRANGE can that be? It isn't. You see God sent his son to die for us, not only to give us eternal life. But to make our lives right here on the earth easier to deal with. While we continue to walk in our flesh, everything and anything can go wrong and it will. Yes even when you follow Christ, it could lead you to death, but as you read the stories of martyrs across the world in present day. Most of them will say, I did it for the cause of Christ. Now I do have to say the average person usually won't be persecuted until death, but you get the picture.

In my 30 years of life, I have been up and down many times, but I myself alone made the choice to continue. Because I saw the bigger picture. When life gets so busy you can't see anything but yourself, that is one way you set yourself up for a fall.

KEY THINGS to keep you on track:

1. Daily Bible readings that help you read the whole Bible or work through a part that assists you in what you need for each day.
2. Daily prayer-Forgiveness, Worship, Requests for others, Requests for this order
3. Connect with your fellow Christians/finding an accountability partner
4. Attend Church

This list can go on and on if you like, but I will stick with these four for now. As you get older, the more medical check ups are required, the same goes for your walk with Christ. You can't be the "LONE RANGER" of Christianity and expect things to just work out for you. As you read the Word and pray it gives you the two way communication to not only learn about God, but also talk to Him, and if your patient enough "LISTEN" for His voice. Having friends in the body of Christ is most important so that you can keep each other accountable and still find people who can relate to you and have fun. This can be done online, in person, and at church. It might take some time, but you will find one soon enough.

So now back to the main topic: Do YOU still feel like giving up? Have you worked through the four steps?  If there is a certain area in your life you can't find victory over it's time you tell someone else about your struggles. Keeping things bottled in is never a good thing. Find a pastor, minister or strong brother/sister in Christ you can trust and share with them what is going on.

Proverbs 27:17 (New Living Translation)

 17 As iron sharpens iron,
      so a friend sharpens a friend

Having an accountability partner is something Christians need to practice more often. Yes, having a daily prayer life is good, but you also need friends who can love you and care for your needs too.