Monday, January 31, 2011

Over $2,500 Raised For Colorado Family In Need

For the past 6 days we have been raising funds to help Avalon Dewitt and her family in Colorado to try and keep them from being evicted from their home and facing homeless.  Avalon and her husband came to us asking for help nearly a week ago.  Her husband is self employed and has his own business, he does construction work and odd jobs working on peoples home and appliances. Due to the bad economy and also it being the winter season work there just has not been enough work to help pay the bills.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall season they are able to make enough money to make ends meet.  But this winter has been especially hard on them. 

So JMC Ministries started an online campaign to try and raise 2,300 dollars to pay their back rent, late fees, and also court costs. Through generous donations from us at JMC Ministries, people across the U.S and other Countries on Sunday January 30, 2011 we raised over 2,500 dollars for the family more than enough to keep them in their home.  
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We give all the praise to God for with out him none of this would have been possible.  When we first started this fundraiser we stated that we want you to pray about whether you should give to help before you make a decision and ask God what he wants you to do in this matter.  Many felt led to give and we are thankful that God is still working miracles today, for that is truly what this is.  In our own power we could NOT have raised this money only by the leading of the holy spirit and the Lords Guidance has this need been met. 

JMC Ministries is grateful to all those who have prayed, and given to help this family.  As we always say JMC Ministries (Jeremy and Miranda Caverley) are just 2 little people trying to make a difference one person at a time and one family at a time. 

Mother Teresa Said it best, "if you can't feed 100 people, then just feed one" and that is one of our life quotes for our Ministry. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Colorado family thanks JMC Ministries & those who have donated

Jeremy, your letter really touched me. I'm sorry I've been such a worry wart. Please forgive me. This has been a lesson to me. I know better, in my head. I guess I'm learning it in my heart. I'm just so thankful I haven't had to walk through this alone. Having people who care rallying around me like this means more than any amount of money, or any home, or ANY material thing that can be seen or touched. Seeing the love of Jesus shine through others.... well, the Bible talks about the riches of Christ, and now I see what that means.

It's not about how much money people can give. It's about loving them enough to make their problems your own. That is what has been done for me, and I pray that I will do that for others from now on.

You do know how it is. You seem to really understand the pain and the emotional challenges in reaching out for help like this. The unsettling experience of letting yourself come under public scrutiny - this has not been easy for me and I have shed many, many tears, because as you know, people don't always scrutinize with fairness or love.

But the love that HAS been shown to me and my family through this has simply blown me away. I am humbled and very blessed to be so. And my faith has increased because as I look at this love, I see the face of Jesus and it's just overwhelming.

Wow, Jeremy. I had no idea how powerful your ministry was. I mean, I knew you had a good thing going on there, but now that I've been touched by it in such a personal way, I'm just blown away. You and Miranda are jewels in God's kingdom. Shining jewels. I can't wait to see what glorious rewards you will receive someday.

$1134.23 raised so far! Can you give? Donate now at & click our PayPal button to help a family in need. $2300 is our goal.

Friday, January 28, 2011

JMC LIVE 1-21-11 MTV's New Show Has Many Outraged

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Part 1

Discussing about MTV's new TV show "Skins" That glamorizes Teens under aged drinking, doing illegal drugs, and having sex. Many are saying that this is breaking child porn laws.
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Discussing About a new article that has come out Analyzing Why Teens and young adults are leaving the church. Copy link below to read more 

Part 2
Continuing to discuss the latest article to come out about how Teens and Young Adults are Leaving the church and how the "Church" as a whole needs to wake up and realize that if we don't have teens and young adults in the church there will be no future of the church!
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Also discussing what is happening in the world with the recent vote to repeal Obama care and how now the FDA has come forward and is taking responsibility for hundreds of birds that have died across the U.S. in recent weeks. And in the last part we talk about breaking news out of Oakland California how one 2nd grade teacher allowed a 7yr old boy and girl to perform oral sex on one another in front of the entire class. Copy Link Below to read more

Part 3
Discussing how a new survey has shown that many college students after being in college 2 years stop learning and just slide by and pass their classes. This is a wake up call to the Christian Body that a people with a lack of knowledge and vision will perish.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

JMC LIVE 1-7-11 Thousands Of Birds & Fish Dying Across World! And Church In A Bar?

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Parts 1 and 2 Discussing the Recent Mystery of the Thousands Of Dead Birds Falling From Sky and Dead Fish washing up on shores across the world. And how it ties in with End Times Prophecy In Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew and Revelation
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Parts 3 and 4 Discussing how one Part Time Bartender/Seminary Student Has started having church at a Bar in Minnesota and people drink while He Preaches and it's supposedly perfectly OK and there's nothing wrong with having a few while having church.
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Copy and Paste Link Below To Learn More About "The Emerging Church Movement"
3 Major Problems With The Philosophy Of The Emerging Church