Monday, March 28, 2011

JMC LIVE 3-26-11 Pastor Fired For Not Believing In Hell

Discussing On Tonight JMC LIVE

Church Takes Opportunity On Easter Sunday To Help Visitors With Electric Bill

ACLU Confronts County Schools Over Bibles

Islamic Overtake Of France

Salon Promotes Dangerous Myth: Islamic Radicalization is Just a Theory

Discussing in the second half of JMC LIVE tonight

Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That?

N.C. Pastor Fired for Not Believing in Hell

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet Gannon Nickell

Directed and Produced by Justin Pizzulli - Pizzulli Productions. Copyright 2011. Gannon Nickell for Ohio College Republican Federation Chariman

Friday, March 25, 2011

Preview JMC Live for March 26, 2011

Jeremy shares a preview of Saturday MAR 26, 2011 JMC Live show!Tune in Saturday @ 9 PM Eastern

3rd JewishTemple Under Construction!

The Temple Institute is dedicated to elevating public awareness in preparation for the building of the Third Temple. Hundreds of thousands from all over the world identify with the cause, and send hefty donations to assist the institute in implimenting its dream. spoke with Rabbi Chaim Richman about the work being done at the institute, why so many identify with the cause, and whether the rebuilding of the Temple will bring peace to the world. 14/10/07

Monday, March 21, 2011

JMC LIVE 3-19-11 Update On Crisis In Lybia And The Middle East


Discussing the latest news on the continued chaos in Lybia and the Middle East as well as

U.S Missionary Freed From Haitian Jail Returns Home

Dogs Survive Japan Tsuanmi Stick Together

Full Moon Will Be The Biggest In 20 Years

U.S Cost Of Living Hits All Time High, Passing Pre-Crisis High

NYC: 15,000 ex-homeless families losing rent help

Sharing how drug addiction is an epidemic not just in our area of Ohio but across the country.  And how the church needs to stop depending on the Government to help those in need and step up and start reaching out to those who are suffering.

Atheists Say Not To Donate Money To Religious Organizations To Help Japan

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Visit To "The Mission" Church In Piketon Ohio

Last night Jeremy and I visited "The Mission" Church in Piketon Ohio.  We had been invited to come by the pastors wife after Jeremy connected with her on Facebook. 

The first thing you notice when you walk into "The Mission" is that there is such a diverse age of people from young to old.  And the Teens greeted us and welcomed us as we came through the front door.  When the service began and the worship team got into place to start playing, the entire worship team we saw was comprised of Teens! Teens who have a heart to worship God through their talents.  It brought tears to my eyes to see this because when I was a teenager at 15 playing drums for churches in the Ross County area, I was the only one my age playing any instrument for the church I attended.  At times I felt very secluded from those my age and felt more of a connection with the older generations that I played music with.  To see these young people playing Music for God blessed me beyond words.

After the praise and worship was over Pastor Michael Higgins brought the message for the evening.  He shared how we as the church need to get back to basics and really start reading the gospels of the new testament and remember how Jesus lived and start living like Jesus did.  Stop depending on the Government to help the people in need, and getting out in the streets to reach the drug addicts, homeless, the sick and poor.  Pastor Mike also shared about some of the ministry outreach the church is doing to help the community of Piketon, Waverly, Lucasville, and Portsmouth Ohio.  One of the most poignant things he said was, If you aren't serious about coming to this church and don't have a heart to get out there and help the community then don't come to this church!  He also said that when you choose to give your life to Jesus and desire to live as Jesus did, you will be spiritually attacked like you have never before. Pastor Mike Higgins then shared about how many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are persecuted through out the world just for believing in Jesus.   He also shared a bit of his testimony how he had been a musician in a band, had everything he wanted but got caught up in drugs, drinking etc.  Until one day God got a hold of his life and changed him forever.

Just before Pastor Mike Higgins closed the service he asked if there was anyone sick and needed prayer and anointing for healing.  Many came forward to be prayed for and I was one of them.  After nearly 2 years of fighting with the STAPH/MRSA Sores that keep coming back  every 2-4 months and my stomach problems both which doctors have told me that they can do nothing to heal me.  I felt lead to have this church pray for me.  Young and old came forward to be prayed for some from physical ailments, some from emotional, mental and the Holy Spirit showed up.  I felt a love from the people of this little mission church I had not felt in a long time after being sick for the past month and being shut in at home not able to go attend a church, and that love was the love of Christ!

After the service was over we introduced ourselves to Pastor Mike Higgins and his wife.  They were so happy we had come to visit and for the next 2 hours we sat with Mike talking, sharing about our ministry and how we have been looking for a church that does the kind of outreach he is doing to try and help the drug addicts, homeless and the at risk youth of the community.  Mike also shared with us of the work he and the church have been doing and how they came to found "The Mission". 

At the end of the night Mike invited us to come back to his church on Sunday to see how they reach out to the youth of the community and really make their Sunday morning service for the youth and after, they feed them a hot meal before they send them home.  Because many of the children come from homes where the parents sell their food stamps to buy drugs and so the children are hungry.  And it's not just the children there are adults that are struggling to make ends meet and giving them a hot meal helps them as well. 

So tomorrow we will be heading back to Piketon Ohio to fellowship with the people of "The Mission" and continue to pray that God guide and direct us to the church he wants us to go.  So that we may be a helping hand in the body of Christ.

We ask you to pray for "The Mission" church in Piketon Ohio as they continue to reach out to the community and share the Love of Christ.

Friday, March 18, 2011

JMC Vlog Episode 20 "Drug Addiction"

This is one of the hardest Videos I think I've ever done. Yesterday our former neighbor was found dead in his home of a possible drug overdose. We tried many times when we lived with our Grandparents to befriend this neighbor who's name was Shawn and in his early 30's but we never could break the barrier that he built around himself. His Mom and step dad were and are very good friends of ours and we ask that you pray for them as they deal with the Death of their son Shawn.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

JMC LIVE 3-11-11 Earthquakes And Tsunami's In Japan

Discussing the Earthquakes and Tsunami's That Hit Japan and how it has effected Much Of The World

A Look Back At Chile' Earthquake: Chile' EarthQuake May Have Shortened Days

Earth's Axis MOVED 10 INCHES & Japan's Coast MOVED 2.4 METERS!

Earth crust rupture 150 miles long, 50 miles wide...

Extreme Super Moon Could Cause Chaos

Extreme Super Moon Could Cause Chaos

The Youth Are Listening Campaign

Sharing a bit about some new projects JMC is working on. Continuing our discussion about The Devastation in Japan and across the Pacific Ocean and just what we as Christians and people of the world can do to help. As well as some more articles from the Eternal Flame News

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homeless In America: The Epedimic Of Childhood Homelessness In The U.S

For some children, socializing and learning are being cruelly complicated by homelessness, as Scott Pelley reports from Florida, where school buses now stop at motels for children who've lost their homes.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

JMC LIVE 3-4-11 World In Chaos

Sharing update on our fundraiser to help save fellow Christians home and how we have raised all the funds to keep her from being homeless.

Our Interview with former CFO Alan Davis

Record Breaking Gas Prices

University To Investigate Professor For Allowing Students to Watch Sex Demonstration

NEA to UN: “Oral Sex, Masturbation and Orgasms Need to be Taught in School |

Crisis In Lybia and the Middle East

Texas: Pastor Found Dead And Ministry Assistant Injured At Church

What is our necessities in life?  What do we need and what do we need to get rid of so that we can have a closer relationship with God?

Friday, March 4, 2011

JMC Vlog Episode 19 Helping Those In Need

Sharing about our most current fundraiser to help save a fellow christian's home from foreclosure

Our Interview With Alan Davis

Valentines Day Concert Special

Starting work on this years Smitten Mitten Expedition. Making hand made hats and scarves for those in need

JMC LIVE Interview With Former CFO Alan Davis

JMC LIVE Interviews Former CFO Alan Davis. Mr. Davis shares insights about the U.S Federal Government and the 2012 Budget

To Learn more About Alan Davis you can contact him at

Thursday, March 3, 2011

JMC Ministries Cousin Elizabeth Cobb Gets $123,760 Scholarship To NC Wesleyn College

South Central Student Receives Highest Scholarship Award in College’s History

February 28, 2011 - South Central High School’s senior student, Elizabeth Cobb was presented with the highest scholarship award offered to a student by NC Wesleyan College on Monday, February 28th.

NC Wesleyan presented Cobb with a complete full-ride scholarship.  In the past, NC Wesleyan has awarded students with scholarships that cover their tuition, but for the first time they are giving Cobb a scholarship that covers tuition and room and board for all four years.  The total for the scholarship amounts to $123,760.    

Cobb had no prior knowledge of being selected for this award.  She was taken from class to a conference room where her mother Noelle Cobb was waiting, along with her senior guidance counselor, friends that were pulled from class, a few teachers and her Youth Group leaders.  She was presented with the award by NC Wesleyan Admissions Counselor Ben Lilley.

“She was totally shocked and humbled by it,” said Cobb’s senior guidance counselor Laura Mulkey.  “She was so excited it brought tears to her eyes.” 

Cobb plans on majoring in physical therapy when she attends NC Wesleyan, with a minor in psychology. 

“I think it is fabulous for Pitt County and South Central,” said Mulkey.  “They have never given a scholarship of this caliber.  It’s great to see it at South Central.  We are so proud of her.” 

North Carolina Wesleyan is a four-year coeducational, liberal arts college, with a number of preprofessional programs, founded in 1956. It is related to the United Methodist Church. 

Elizabeth Cobb is Miranda's Cousin and we are very proud of her accomplishments. We pray that God blesses her as she sets out on her journey at NC Wesleyan College. Congratulations Elizabeth!