Sunday, June 26, 2011

JMC Live 6-25-11 Burger Shop Hires Only Homeless, and multifaith event Koran read in churches

In Tonights JMC LIVE Show we discussed
Burger Shop Hires Only Homeless

A Bible And A Gas Mask Is The New Norm In South Korea

NBC Removes "Under God" From Pledge Of Allegiance From U.S Open Golf Tournament

Harold camping's Radio Show Cancelled

High School Valedictorian and 10 other Students Told They didn't Graduate

Joy Junction Receives Android Phone APP

In Part 2 Of Tonights JMC LIVE Show We discussed Christian Churches in the U.S allowing Q'uran to be read in the pulpit

Below are links to the official website "Faith Shared" Site as well as 2 other sites that talk about the 50 churches/denominations that wil be participating in this "multifaithed" service tomorrow June 26th 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

JMC Vlog Episode 25 "Storm Chasing and Radioactive Eggs"

Miranda shares about driving through tornado force winds, rain and hail. Having a "Gastro Emptying" Test run at the hospital and eating Radioactive Eggs

And how JMC Ministries through the help of friends on social networking sites helped a young mother and her children pay an electric bill so they could move into their new home

Monday, June 20, 2011

JMC LIVE 6-18-11 College Makes Student Pay To Witness/Sweden Church Members Don't Believe In Jesus

In part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE we discussed

Russia and China's New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance

Christian Student Charged Fee to Witness at Community College

China:Spying Devices Installed In Hong Kong Cars

Harold Camping Hospitalized After Having Stroke Loses Ability To Speak

Duggar Family Partners With Wycliffe Bible Translators To Help More Children Learn The Bible

In part 2 of Tonights JMC LIVE We discussed

Swedish Church Members Say They Don't Believe In Jesus

Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam

As well as our latest Fundraiser to help a local Ohio Mother of 3
To read more about the fundraiser and get the latest updates visit

Friday, June 17, 2011

UPDATED JMC Fundraiser To Help Ohio Family Of 4 With Electric Bill

On June 16th, we began a online fundraiser for a local Ohio family of 4.  A young mother is in need of help to pay a over due electric bill of $449.22.  She needs to have this bill paid in 10 days so that she can get moved into her new apartment.  The reason she can't move in is because the Electric company won't allow her to move her and her children in to the new residence until this past bill is paid. The new apartment that is available for them is government housing and she has been on a waiting list for over a year to get this opportunity to have her own place and a home for her children.  But if the past electric bill is not paid in 10 days she will lose her apartment and be placed back at the bottom of the waiting list and could wait another year before having a chance to get another apartment.

Below are pictures of the AEP Bill 

Within just a few hours of starting the online Fundraiser yesterday evening we raised $280.00
JMC Ministries is donating $100.00 plus covering the paypal fees from every donation given so the family will receive the full amounts.  Along with this we received $60.00 in cash from an anonymous donor along with donations of $20.00 and $100.00 through donors on Paypal. And a local church has offered to pay the last $50.00 due when we have raised the rest of the money.

Then just a short while ago we received notice that we got another donation.  We received a donation of $19.22 on paypal which now leaves us to raise exactly $100.00 to meet our goal to help this young mother and her children.

Below is a picture of our most recent donations

As we continue to get more donations we will update this blog and also post updated pictures at our JMC Ministries Facebook Fan Page at

Monday June 18,2011 3:05p.m. est: Received three more $20.00 donations. OUR GOAL is COMPLETE!
Saturday June 18, 2011 10:00p.m. est: Received two $20.00 donations We only need $60.00 in donations to meet our goal

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And They Call Us Dumb Animals(Noah's Ark Skit)

Jeremy and Miranda Caverley of
Diversity Puppets/JMC Ministries Presents
Bonko and Cocoa
And They Call Us Dumb Animals(Noah's Ark Skit)

Welcome To The Road Kill Cafe

Welcome to "The Road Kill Cafe" Where our motto is "Anything Dead On Bread"
Skit performed By Jeremy Caverley Co founder of Diversity Puppets/JMC Ministries
Skit Written By: Becky Fannin

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JMC Live 6/12/11 Teen Walks For First Time, Arresting People For Feeding The Homeless

In the First Part Of Tonights JMC LIVE We Discussed

Teen Walks for first time at HS Graduation

California HS Shuts Down Memorial Brick Fundraiser After 2 Christians Wanted Bible Verses On Their Bricks

The Power Of The Forgiveness And Love Of Christ:Woman Lives Next Door To Her Sons Murderer

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Policy On Street Evangelism Is Unconstitutional

In Part 2 of Tonight's JMC LIVE Show We Covered Our Main Topics

Florida Police Arrest Group For Feeding Homeless

Jesus didn't need a 501 c3 Non Profit Status to do ministry So why do we in America need it?

Monday, June 13, 2011

JMC LIVE Interview With Ex-Adult Industry Worker Jan Meza

JMC LIVE Interviews Ex-Adult Industry Worker Jan Meza (warning some parts of her testimony are graphic)

An ex adult film star, but so much more! A servant, a mother of three, a wife, a friend, a sister, a counselor, a missionary, a chaplain, a student... but of all these things, the most important thing Jan Meza could ever claim to be is God's beloved!

To Contact Jan

Pink Cross:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

JMCLive 6/4/11 Transgender taught in K-schools, Witnessing with Social Media, and Banning the Bible

Public School Teaches Kindergarteners There Are Multiple Genders Without Parental Consent
Radical Clerics In Pakistan Wants Court To Ban The Bible
Billboards In Australia Declare Jesus A Prophet Of Islam

Wyoming Preachers Arrested For Saying Abortion Is Murder

California Bill If Passed Into Law Would Protect Cross-Dressing In The Workplace

Federal Court Lifts Ban on Public Prayer at Texas High School Graduation After Uproar

Main Topics
Are Americans Getting Comfortable With Immorality?

How to Witness Through Social Media

JMC VLog Episode 24-Lights out

The power goes out for the first time in our apt!