Friday, July 22, 2011

JMC LIVE 7-16-11 South Sudan Officially It's Own Country

In Part 1 of tonights JMC LIVE Show we discussed
They Say Everything Is Bigger In Texas: Woman Gives Birth To 16 lb Baby

California First State To Require School Books Include "Gay History"

Atheist Group Files Lawsuit Against Texas Governor Due To Upcoming Prayer Rally

Woman Faces 93 Days In Jail For Planting A Garden On Her Property

In Part 2 Of Tonights Show we Discussed
South Sudan Officially It's Own Country After Years of Civil War With North

Thousands Of Vietnam Christians Murdered Or Imprisoned Over Rapture Prediction On May 21st

Monday, July 4, 2011

JMC Live 4th of July Special

JMC LIVE 4th of July 2011 Weekend Special We discussed

How The Pink Cross Foundation Is Working To Try and Stop NBC From airing their New TV Show "The Playboy Club"

2 Houston Texas Schools Criticized For Having Prayer During Graduation

Muslims and Christians Clash Over Construction Of Christian Church In Egypt

New Al-Qaeda Video Encourages Muslims To Attack U.S Churches

Atheists to Fly July 4 Airplane Banners in 27 States: 'God-LESS America,' 'Atheism is Patriotic'

Atheist Billboard Placed On Church's Property Removed

United Church Of Christ To Vote To Eliminate God The Father From Their Constitution

And The History Of The 4th Of July and The Day in 1776 When America's Founding Fathers Committed That Historic Act Of Treason Against The British Government and Claimed Our Independence By writing the Declaration Of Independence