Thursday, April 29, 2010

JMC Verses The Raccoons

raccoon in trash

For the past couple of months we have been having little visitors at night that come and tear into our trash and scatter it all over our yard. The Raccoon or Raccoons We haven't figured out if there are more than one yet but we are pretty sure there are.
So after having to continually pick trash up out of our yard we decided it would be best if we kept the trash cans in the back of our Pick up Truck. Well that confused them for about 2 weeks but then they started climbing into the back of our truck and tearing into the cans still. They even learned how to take the lids off of them!
This was less of a battle since the Raccoons left the trash in the back of the Truck and didn't scatter it all over our yard and God's Creation.
One week I came up with an ingenious idea, I will make peanut butter sandwiches and line them with rat poison. I know I know it's horrible but we were desperate. However those little boogers didn't eat the sandwiches. They carefully opened the sandwiches up and it looked like they took a lick of it and then left it and wouldn't eat it! It was like they knew what we were trying to do and they out smarted us.
So after dealing with that. We went and bought some rope to tie down the trash can.
Now we weren't sure if this would stop them but it just might we thought. But then again they might just be stubborn enough to sit there all night and chew through the rope until they could get into the trash cans that are still in the back of the truck.
For the past almost week we haven't had any problems the trash cans were untouched and still tied securely by the rope.
This morning I (Miranda) went out to go to my Grandma's to do some trimming in her yard and to do our laundry.
I walked outside and saw that the trash can was on it's side and low and behold those little boogers had untied the knots in the ropes and ripped open the 3 full bags of trash (which mind you had no food in them) and here we are with another huge mess in the back of my truck along with dozens of muddy paw prints all over our vehicles.
How in the world did these raccoons figure out how to untie a professional knot I will never know. All I can say is I have no clue how to out smart these animals.
I told my grandma these raccoons deserve a degree in out smarting humans. So we are literally back at square one again. The only option we have left is to trap them and carry them away where they will not bother us anymore. Hopefully this Sunday we will get a trap from my other Grandma and we will begin catching these intelligent rodents. Unless they figure out how to get out of a metal cage too.

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