Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JMC LIVE Interview With Candy Mitchell

JMC LIVE Interview With Candy Mitchell

Candy shares about her Mission Trip to Swaziland Africa in October of 2010. How she was called to do the short term mission trip and what Her plans are for the future in missions work and where God is leading and guiding her.

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  1. It has been 3 weeks since JMC has started helping me from going into foreclosure on my home. Today I have learned that we have raised enough funds to make me current and we are 12 days ahead of schedule. Of course I know that it was ALL GOD tugging at everyone's heart that donated. There really isn't any words to describe how thankful I am for everyone doing this for me. Even though this journey isn't finished yet because I still need a job to keep up what everyone has caught me up on. I know that God has His angels watching over me. In Awe of His Greatness Candy Mitchell