Thursday, March 14, 2013



1. World changers trust God regardless of what others think.
2. World changers pursue their dreams with single-minded focus and determination.
3. World changers do not let political borders or systems stand in the way of doing the right thing.
4. World changers are willing to undertake what others have never done.
5. World changers use the strategy of overcoming evil with good.
6. World changers seek to perfect their natural gifts and to pass on what they learn.
7. World changers don't wait for others to initiate action – they take the lead.
8. World changers refuse to allow outer circumstances to stop the expression of their God-given talents.
9. World changers are rooted in intangibles such as love, hope and God's timing.
10. World changers pursue a life of service to others rather than a self-serving life of money, fame or glory.
11. World changers are willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs.
12. The shadow cast by a real world changer is always bigger than life.
13. World changers channel problems and personal frustration into creative solutions.
14. World changers persevere in their pursuit of excellence.
15. World changers use their wealth to help others.
16. World changers champion human rights for all people.
17. World changers are never linked to race, creed or colour – only character.
18. World changers inspire others to courageous and heroic deeds.
19. World changers often do their work with passion and urgency born of personal experience.
20. The full accomplishment of genuine world changers may not be recognised until long after their death.
21. World changers turn their passions into exploration, and their explorations into passions to help others.
22. World changers are people of excellent reputation.
23. World changers focus on possibilities, not on limitations.
24. World changers often give up personal comfort in their quest for discoveries that will help others.
25. World changers sometimes suffer from the neglect or misunderstanding of their peers.
26. World changers often seek to lighten the burdens of others.
27. Genuine world changers speak out for those who do not have a voice.
28. World changers have a strong understanding of right and wrong, and they fight for what is right in both word and deed.
29. World changers are willing to take on new challenges in spite of personal danger.
30. People who make concrete changes in the world also live and work in the practical world – not just the world of ideas.
31. World changers rarely see their own influence in world changing terms.
32. World changers see potential and worth in every human being.
33. World changers have an honesty that affects history when they tell their story.
34. World changers know they are not the source of their own greatness.
35. People who can significant changes in the world pursue God's truth regardless of the personal cost to their own reputation.
36. World changers often volunteer to serve, regardless of danger.
37. World changers allow themselves to be used by God and His purposes.
38. World changers often act out of a faith tempered by the tests of life.
39. World changers remain true to their conscience at all times.
40. World changers try and try again – until they succeed.
41. World changers never stop short of reaching their goals.
42. Genuine world changing goes hand-in-hand with righteous leadership.
43. World changers often are called and willing to make personal sacrifices.
44. World changers both pray and act.
45. World changers pursue the Light, even when they are denied physical light.
46. World changers are willing to risk their life to do God's will.
47. Great world changers teach world – changing principles to others – even under opposition.
48. World changers have the humility to admit when they are wrong… and change.
49. World changers remain true to their inner convictions – regardless of outer temptations for fame and glory.
50. World changers refuse to let losses dictate their future; they continue to persevere until they win.
51. World changers grow and mature beyond the events that first brought them public notice.
52. World changers have the courage to venture into unknown worlds.
53. World changers are motivated by a desire to do something worthwhile with their lives.
54. World changers stand up for what they believe and are willing to voice their opinions in the face of danger.
55. World changers seek peace and restoration, not revenge.
56. World changers are willing to fight and die for the cause of personal ideas.
57. World changers never think they know it all or think that they must do anything heroic all by themselves.
58. In world changing, the greater the self-sacrifice, the greater the difference.
59. World changers live lives worth imitating.
60. World changers don't let personal inadequacies stand in the way of obeying God's call.
61. World changers often admire and preserve God's creation.
62. World changers have humble hearts.
63. World changers are persistent in their pursuit of those things they know are God's desire.
64. World changers don't listen to the hisses of others but respond to the quiet call of success within.
65. World changers often resist evil in peaceful ways.
66. World changers don't take to heart the personally downgrading opinions of others – they pursue their own vision with excellence.
67. Those who spend their lives in service to Christ are always world changers in God's eyes.
68. World changers are willing to help just one person.
69. World changers may be knocked down – but they refuse to stay down!
70. World changers enjoy what they do with great zest.
71. World changers change things wherever they are.
72. World changers adapt their talents to do what must be done.
73. World changers work hard and work consistently.
74. World changers let their talent do the talking.
75. World changers extend themselves to others in need.
76. World changers never back down from a challenge that is worthy of pursuit.
77. World changers seek to save lives, even if their efforts mean putting their own lives at risk.
78. A genuine desire to change the world flows from a heart that seeks the good of others.
79. World changers bring joy to others.
80. World changers seek to serve more than to be served.
81. World changers are motivated from within and refuse to be discouraged by criticism or external factors.
82. World changers trust God to help them overcome every obstacle.
83. World changers speak and act from a core of moral character.
84. World changers endure and overcome life's tragedies in such a way that their experience serves the world.
85. World changers forgive those who cause them misery.
86. World changers help those who cannot help themselves.
87. World changers work hard in pursuit of their goals until they accomplish them.
88. World changers often turn their personal suffering into a search for those things that bring benefit to other sufferers.
89. World changers share an open acknowledgement that all human beings are valuable and deserve respect.
90. World changers do whatever is necessary to get God's truth to as many people as possible.
91. World changers are willing to give up their personal desires and private lives for the common good.
92. World changers use whatever means available to help others in need.
93. World changers are those who look to God for the help they need.
94. World changers often work together to achieve in partnership what neither can achieve alone.
95. World changers refuse to work in jobs that are opposed to their ideals.
96. World changers give 100 percent.
97. World changers call us to remember the past in order to help us forge a better future.
98. World changers are relentless in their pursuit of worthy causes that grow out of their personal faith.
99. World changers focus their energies toward accomplishing their goals.
100. World changers are willing to test the limits of their ability.
101. To those who believe, Jesus is the Ultimate World Changer… forever!

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