Monday, November 29, 2010

What You Must Think

Written By Miranda Caverley

What you must think when you look at us.

Hurrying along as if we can’t get enough done in one day.  While the roses are left un smelled children play alone because no one has the time to play with them or show them love.
People are left un-helped because no one has the time to help them in this fast passed world that we have created.

It is not the world you intended it to be nor are we the type of people you intended us to be.
Your Eden has long ago gone died, and soon shall this world.  Because we are too busy to take notice that we are killing your greatest creation…. ourselves.  You loved us so much you created us in your image.  You also love us more than we can imagine because you gave your life to save us.  And what have we done to show our gratitude?  Cursed your name.  Taken you out of our schools, work places and even our hearts.  Even say that you don’t exist. 

What you must think looking down on us hurrying along with the our lives that seem to be too filled with other things to allow you into them
When everyday you choose to give us this life in hope that we may listen to your voice and do your will with our lives.

And still through all of this your love goes on and on and on. A never ending river that flows. 

Oh what you must think.

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