Friday, May 21, 2010

How God Provides for JMC~A Personal Testimony

Miranda is unable to get insurance until next JUNE with her disability. So every time we go to the doctor we pay in full. 20% off. This bill was 84.80. Earlier this month I got a 69.95 credit on my CHASE card from SEARS. Today I check the mail and find a CHECK for 81.79 from FARMERS! PRAISE THE LORD! MY GOD IS A HEALER & PROVIDER!

If you don't believe that GOD is a HEALER & PROVIDER, then explain WHY Miranda got FREE MEDS and a CHECK in the MAIL today after leaving the DOC'S office for almost the exact amount of the bill? This is the testimony of Jesus Christ meeting the needs of His people! God can do this for you too if you trust in Him~

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