Monday, May 10, 2010

National Day Of Prayer 2010

JMC Ministries Had the opportunity to attend the National Day of Prayer Ceremony in Chillicothe Ohio at the Ross County Court House. On May 6, 2010 Our church Centerpoint Live's Praise and Worship Band led worship and many Pastors and Preachers from all over the Chillicothe Ohio area came to pray for the many different things going on in our Country today.

We also had the opportunity to film some of the Praise music and even interview The Christian Motorcyclists Association and the Chairman/Chairwoman who was over the entire National Day of Prayer even this year Jennette Vanbuskirk who turned out to be our Pastors Mom. We talked with them about about how they were involved with the National Day of Prayer as well as their thoughts about Franklin Graham being dis invited by the Pentagon because he made the statement that Islam is a violent Religion.

We hope you enjoy the videos and we must continue to pray for our Nation that our Leaders Turn to God and not their own selfish desires to Make this Country a Great Nation once again.

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