Monday, July 26, 2010

JMC LIVE Show 7-23-10

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Discussing How Public Prayer In America is coming under fire more and more. Today we had a man knock on our door asking for help. We were able to help him and his pregnant Fiance. God can also use you to show his love to strangers in need if we just make ourselves available to be used and get out of our comfort zone. PositiveID (PSID) CEO Scott Silverman says his company has stopped marketing its medical records microchip implant for humans. The reason: No one wants it. Jeremy Shares about his College Essays He wrote about Race, Homelessness, and President Obama. If you would like a free copy of these essays you can email us at And Discussing what America needs to do to recover from the economic crisis and what Obama will need to do to win the 2012 Election.

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