Monday, July 19, 2010

JMC's Smitten Mitten Expedition

Written By Miranda Caverley

How I Came Up With The Idea For The Smitten Mitten Expedition
A few days ago while sitting at home feeling bored. I started thinking if there was something I could do to help others while I am disabled and unable to work. Though my mind and most of my body sometimes does not function, I still have the use of my hands.

My hands can write, play music, record music, and paint. That is good but what can I do to really make a difference? Then it dawned on me, When I was a teenager my Granny taught me how to Crochet'! So I talked to Jeremy and asked him if he thought it would be a good idea to start a ministry project where I make hand made mittens, scarfs and toboggans for the homeless and less fortunate.

Jeremy said it was a great idea and the first thing he said after I came up with the idea was to call this project "The Smitten Mitten Expedition" and that is what we are going to call it. So that night we went to Walmart I got some crochet hooks, yarn, a teach yourself crochet' book, and even a teach yourself knitting kit. I'd never tried knitting so I thought I would get this beginners kit to just see if I can do it. But I already remember some of what my Granny had taught me in Crochet' so that is what I started with. And today after about 16 hours work over the past 48 hours i completed my first scarf!

I remembered quite a bit after practicing a few hours and looking through the crochet' book. I didn't even use a pattern for my scarf I just remembered what my Granny taught me and off I went and made up my own pattern for my scarfs that I will be creating.

Answering Some Questions You Might Be Having And How You Can Get Involved With The Smitten Mitten Expedition.
Q: What is the Smitten Mitten Expedition?
A: It's a group of people who either donate or get together to create scarfs, gloves, and mittens.

Q:What does the Smitten Mitten Expedition do?
A:The items created are given to homeless or poor for FREE!

Q:What if I am not skilled in making things can I still help? Yes!
A:You can assist those who need items or help find those who are in need. Also you can write blogs, stories, take photos, that relate to love, Jesus, poor, homeless, etc. Take ownership of it.

Q: Do I have 2 live near U 2 help the Smitten Mitten Expedition?
A: No! You can start your own in your area to reach those in need.

So anyone can be apart of JMC's Smitten Mitten Expedition. If you know how to sew, knit, or crochet you can start making some awesome scarfs, mittens and hats today. If you don't have anyone of those skills you can either support those who can by helping buy yarn and other supplies they may need. Or you can just buy scarfs, hats, and mittens from stores and donate them to those in need.

I was doing the math today and added up that by crocheting scarfs instead of buying them from a store I can make 4 scarfs for the price of what one costs in a store. That is awesome! I haven't done the math yet on mittens, or hats but the scarfs are the biggest item that I will be making. And will of course use the most yarn so that is why I started with them.

If you are wondering where the money to do this project is coming from. The money is actually coming from JMC's own pocket. We are using some of our tithe and offering to do this project and we are thankful that God has allowed us to have the funds to do this project.

So if you are interested in volunteering for this project click on this link JMC's God Reports To go to our God Reports page and click on the Volunteer Button. You will then be asked to give your email and phone number and in the "message" section please write "Smitten Mitten" and a short message so that we know what you are signing up for. Then as you and JMC make scarfs, mittens, and hats we can email them to one another and then post them on our JMC Ministries Website and other social networking sites so that others can see the fruits of The Smitten Mitten Expedition's labor.

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